Pet Lump and Mass Removal

Pet Lump and Mass Removal is a surgical procedure performed at Interstate Veterinary Hospital in Centuria, WI, to diagnose and treat abnormal growths or masses on your pet’s body.

Pet Lump and Mass Removal in Centuria, WI

These growths can be concerning, and our experienced veterinary team is here to provide compassionate care and ensure your pet’s health and comfort.

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Pet Lump and Mass Removal

Before the surgery, we thoroughly examine the lump or mass to assess its size, location, and characteristics. We may also perform diagnostic tests such as fine-needle aspirates or biopsies to determine if the growth is benign or malignant.

Our skilled veterinarians are experienced in performing surgical procedures to remove lumps and masses. They prioritize precision and use state-of-the-art surgical techniques and equipment.

Key Aspects of Our Lump and Mass Removal Services:

  • Anesthesia and Pain Management: Your pet’s safety and comfort are our top priorities. We administer anesthesia tailored to your pet’s specific needs and provide effective pain management to ensure a smooth and pain-free surgical experience.
  • Minimally Invasive Options: In some cases, minimally invasive procedures may be available, such as laparoscopic or laser surgery, which can reduce recovery time and discomfort.
  • Biopsy and Pathology: After the removal, the lump or mass is sent for histopathological analysis to determine its nature. This helps guide further treatment and ensures a precise diagnosis.
  • Post-Surgical Care: Our team provides post-operative care instructions to help you care for your pet during the recovery process. We monitor your pet’s progress and are available to address any concerns.
  • Stitch Removal: If stitches or sutures are used, we schedule a follow-up appointment to remove them, ensuring your pet’s incision heals properly.
  • Continued Care: Depending on the biopsy results, further treatment or monitoring may be necessary. We work with you to develop a plan that best suits your pet’s needs.
Lump and mass removal is crucial in diagnosing and treating potential health concerns in your pet. Whether the growth is benign or malignant, early detection and surgical removal can improve your pet’s prognosis and overall quality of life.

If you’ve noticed a lump or mass on your pet or have concerns about their health, please contact us. Our compassionate and skilled veterinary team is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your furry family member. We are here to address your questions and provide guidance throughout the process.