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Welcome to Interstate Veterinary Hospital

We are conveniently located in Centuria, WI.  We provide veterinary service for both Large Animals and Companion Animals.

Interstate Veterinary Hospital was started by Dr. Mark R. Nelson in 1974 with the current hospital opening in the summer of 1975. Initially, 75% of the business was large animal including mainly dairy cattle and equine. The companion animal part was 25% at that time.

The hospital was built to accommodate both large and companion animals. The floor plan has remained the same with the exception of the large-animal surgery area which has been converted to kennels and runs. The building was initially over-built for the companion animal services with the understanding and hope that in time the companion animal portion of the practice would grow to utilize the entire building.

We have seen tremendous growth and change in the veterinary needs of our surrounding communities. Although companion animal needs have consistently increased with time, in the mid 80’s and early 90’s we saw a dramatic decrease in dairy cattle, due to loss of the family farms. Since that time, the structure of our practice has changed to 80% companion animal and 20% large animal. This change has allowed us to fully utilize our building and increase our support staff accordingly.

Currently we are a growing 3 doctor practice utilizing multiple Certified Veterinary Technicians and veterinary assistants to care for our patients and serve our clients. We continue to evolve as the need for veterinary care changes and strive to serve our community with current veterinary science and medicine.



To our clients,

Due to the rising fear of the spread of coronavirus, we will be making some changes to the way our office is run. We ask that each of you have some patience and work with us to try to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Please do not come into the clinic if you are sick! If you are sick and your pet needs medical attention, please call us so we can determine the safest way to take care of your pets’ needs.

For the safety of everone, we are no longer aloowing clients to enter the building. If you have an appointment, please call 715-646-2312 and notify us that you are here. A staff member will come and collect a history and your pet. Once we have completed an exam on your pet either the doctor will call you or come outside and discuss what was found. If at all possible, we would appreciate payment over the phone.

For clients needing to pick up supplies, please call us ahead of time so we can have your products ready for you. Please plan to pay over the phone with a credit card if at all possible. When you arrive to pick up your products, give us a call and one of our staff will deliver them to your car.

We will continue to post updates of any further changes that will need to be made.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe and healthy!

Our Services

Interstate Veterinary Hospital provides veterinary services for both companion animals (dog and cats) as well as large animals (bovine, equine, and ruminants.)

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Meet the Team!

Currently we are a 3 doctor practice utilizing multiple Certified Veterinary Technicians and veterinary assistants to care for our patients and serve our clients. We continue to evolve as the need for veterinary care changes and strive to serve our community with current veterinary science and medicine.

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Interstate Veterinary Angel Fund

We believe animals are given to us by God to respect; love and care for. For us, our animals have become the children we didn’t have together.   Our first 4 legged child was Sam I, a rescue terrier mix from the humane society. We have no idea how old he was or his background. We took him in and he took us over. For over 6 years he was our baby and our boss.

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Traveling With Pets

Are you planning on traveling with your pets this holiday season? Visit the following website for more information on requirements for traveling both domestically and internationally with your pets: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel

Contact us today to set up an appointment for an exam and health certificate for your pet before traveling. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Safe travels! 


~What Our Clients Say~

  • You will never find better staff than everyone at Interstate Vet! Dr. Springer is always amazing with Wally, and the Vet Techs are all super awesome! Wally gets so excited when we pull in the parking lot because he knows he always gets lots of attention and love when he's there!! We will never go anywhere else!

    Tina J. (Facebook Review)
  • Love Interstate Vet! So many of our fur babies have been there and we've always received the best care!

    Meri L. (Facebook Review)
  • I want to thank every one here for the wonderful care they gave our Baby. It is nice to have a place to bring our animals and they make sure they are well cared for and at a very reasonable price. We were very worried about how much it was going to cost to treat our kitten and they were very understanding and they did their best to keep the costs down. She is getting better and I wouldn't hesitate to bring our animals here because I know they care about us as well as our animals.

    Donna W. (Facebook Review)
  • The staff at IVH are just the best! They are so good with my pets and me. I have 3 senior animals and they understand how important the care my animals get means to me. Thank you IVH for all you have done for all my pets over the years. 5 stars!!!

    Carol R. (Facebook Review)
  • Had to put down, Diesel, my fur baby and the 4-legged love of my life for the past 11 years, yesterday. Everyone at IVH was amazing! All so caring, loving and supportive. Bless you all for the outstanding care you provide our community.

    April W. (Facebook Review)
  • Very friendly and caring staff

    Trace C. (Facebook Review)
  • Great vet clinic...

    Barb L. (Facebook Review)