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Meet Our Staff

Currently we are a growing 2 doctor practice utilizing multiple Certified Veterinary Technicians and veterinary assistants to care for our patients and serve our clients. We continue to evolve as the need for veterinary care changes and strive to serve our community with current veterinary science and medicine.

Read more about each of our staff members below:

Amanda Coury, Practice Manager, CVA

Amanda has lived in this area most of her life. She has 2 children and a huge love for all animals; currently she has multiple cats, dogs and horses in her family. When not working she is spending most of her time with her family. In 2009 Amanda became a Certified Veterinary Assistant through the Animal Behavioral College. She began her internship at Interstate Veterinary Hospital in July of 2009. In late August of that year she joined our veterinary team full time. In 2012 she became a Class IV Laser Therapy Technician from AIMLA and strives to continue to grow and learn each day.

Joyce Turnquist, Senior Certified Veterinary Technician

Joyce did her externship to become a certified technician at Interstate Vet Hospital in 2009. After passing her certification exam, she came on as a full time employee. She has lived in the area since the late 80's - raising a family and working at various jobs. Many animals have come and gone in that time, including snakes, guinea pigs, mice, rats (best pocket pets ever!), iguanas, hermit crabs, cats, dogs and a horse! Currently she has one cat (Koshka), an elderly beagle (Toby), and a very energetic English Setter (Susie Q).

Amber Huskinson, CVT, Certified Veterinary Technician

Amber grew up in the area and returned here after spending 11 years in the Army. She graduated from Argosy University in 2017, and passed her Certified Veterinary Technician certification exam in March of 2018. Amber's hobbies include sewing, reading, and gardening. Her family enjoys camping and hiking. They currently have 3 dogs (Cloud, Chance and Beshti) and two cats (Morgie and Kara.)

Hope Tendrup, Veterinary Technician

Hope has grown up as a local girl with a huge love for animals. Throughout her life, she has had a wide variety of large and small animals. Hope completed her studies to be a veterinary technician at Dakota County Technical College and received her degree in 2019. Hope is engaged to be married later this year. With her fiance, Hope is the proud owner of bassest hound Hank and her British shorthair cat Lilly.

Jeannie Schwartz, Veterinary Assistant

Jeannie started at Interstate Veterinary Hospital in the summer of 2014 as a Veterinary Assistant. She came with 10 years of experience working as an Animal Care Specialist for a local non-profit animal sanctuary. She especially enjoys working with and caring for all of our senior patients. Jeannie and her husband have lived in St. Croix Falls for 25 years on a small hobby farm where they raised their two daughters, numerous dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and an iguana. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and has recently taken up golfing. She describes her position here at IVH as her dream job!

Megan Francis, Veterinary Assistant

Megan is originally from Osceola WI, but moved to Luck in 2015, where she lives with her two children Brooklynn and Colton. After starting at the clinic, Megan adopted a shepherd mix puppy named Abby. Megan has worked in the veterinary field for over 6 years and still loves it every day. Megan says she couldn't ask for a better workplace or co-workers!

Kelsey Handrahan, Veterinary Assistant

Kelsey was born and raised in the Amery area and still lives there with her 2 children Troy and Sophia. Her love for animals began at a very early age. Throughout her school years, she took as many small animal courses as she could and started to focus her passion on canine behavior and training. She spent some time studying to be a technician at Globe University.
Kelsey has rescued many pets and even started her own training business. She prefers to work with large breed dogs.
Kelsey loves working in a clinic setting so she can continue to help save animals every day!

Sir Thomasleoclyde III formerly of Frederic, Clinic Cat

Thomas, as he is better known, was brought into the clinic from a farm in Frederic as a kitten. He was estimated to be about 6 weeks old in the early summer of 2012. He has a personality that the staff fell in love with. He usually takes residence on the front counter lounging around for attention. Thomas is quirky and amusing. He chooses not jump very high and climbs to get where he wants to be. If you leave a kennel or carry crate open he will often make himself at home in it. Clients frequently admire how he lazily waits for attention from both humans and dogs.


Polly came to the clinic as a kitten and has stayed ever since. She was so tiny that we used to carry her around in our pockets as a kitten, so she was named after Polly Pocket. Her and Tippy are a dynamic duo- always racing around the clinic and causing trouble together. Polly can usually be found napping on the printer up front waiting for her next admirer.

Tippy, Unofficial Veterinary Assistant

Tippy was rescued from a farm as a kitten and was close to death. Now he is our unofficial veterinary assistant and thinks he should help us with everything. Tippy's hobbies include playing with syringe caps, playing in the toilet, and napping on Polly. You may notice his loud breathing, which is a complication of having polyps in his ears and throat. Tippy always cocks his head to look up at you since he is deaf, which is how he got his name.


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