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June is National Micro-Chip Month


Microchippping your pet is something many people hear about but do not completely understand.  The procedure is often recommended by veterinarians but well known so not as well recieved as a vaccination would be. We do realize that many pets rarely leave the yard or owners side, but believe that more information about these microchips and their benefits will help pet owners to make a decision based on informationinstead of cost.  Many owners wish for a microship that one time their pet finds something to chase out of the yard. Even if they are only gone a few hours those hours are long, and stressful. The knowledge that if he/she ends up at a shelter or Veterinary Hospital you will be notified can really help decrease the concern of worried owners. Interstate Veterinary Hospital strongly recommends all dogs be  microchipped. We offer 25% off micorchips with any anesthetic procedure to encourage owners to have a mircochip implanted.  
For more information for wed md for pets: http://pets.webmd.com/features/microchipping-your-dog-or-cat